Welcome to RobMillerHomes.com. We are excited to be launching this new site to give you the opportunity to get to know us, who we are, and how we do business. When you’re thinking of building a custom home, or remodeling your existing home, there’s a lot to consider. Finding the right partner should be at the top of the list.

For Rob Miller Homes, it’s all about the relationship. As our credo states: Customer relationships, integrity and value are the foundation of every home we build. We are a relationship-focused home builder and remodeler based in Delafield, Wisconsin.

Design is the first step

Every new project starts with a meet and greet with Rob. Assuming that goes well, it’s on to the design stage. The entire process for a new custom home typically takes 10-14 months, with about two months spent on design. Time lines for design and construction vary based on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the home, or the extent of the remodel. Design is the first step.

The design process involves meetings with you, our designer, and the RMH team to layout your dream house. The designer’s goal is to develop a plan that reflects your style and taste, and delivers the functionality you want, while making sure the home can be constructed according to current building codes and requirements.

Show and tell

Design can be tricky. Some customers have a hard time articulating their ideas. They know what they want, but have a hard time explaining it. That’s why it’s helpful to provide pictures of home interiors and exteriors, along with feedback about what you like or dislike about the homes. That, along with Q&As with Rob, helps the designer understand your priorities. Using all this information, the designer will produce a set of drawings that will be used to determine the cost.

The bidding process establishes what it will cost to build or remodel the home. The plans are sent to contractors and suppliers so they can submit a cost for doing the work. If the drawings do not provide enough detail for the bidder to provide a cost, an allowance is included. An allowance is an estimated dollar amount that serves as a place holder in the budget so that there is some type of cost planned for each part of the project. Light fixtures are a good example. If a customer has not chosen specific light fixtures, then the bid would include an allowance for them.

We work for you

We always try to send projects out to bid only one time. Exceptions are made if the customer requests significant changes after initial bids are received, or if the total cost of the project as designed is too high. Some customers make significant changes to bring the cost down, which requires rebidding. Although rebidding impacts the time and cost involved in designing the home, the process continues until the customer is happy.

After all, as Rob likes to point out, we work for you.