Frequently Asked Questions

How many years have you been in business?

We completed our first spec home in 2000 and officially incorporated Rob Miller Homes, LLC in 2004.

What is your annual volume of work?

8-10 custom homes, plus 8-10 remodeling/addition projects.

What type of homes do you build?

We build the home you want. Because large projects tend to be more high profile, people sometimes assume we only build million dollar homes. That is not the case. We work for everybody. All homes we build are budget driven and customized for you. Whether your budget is $350,000 or $2,000,000, we guarantee we will build you the best quality home your money can buy.

What is the largest project you have built? The smallest? 

The largest home built was 12,000 sq. ft.  The smallest home was 1,600 sq. ft. 

Can I see examples of your work? 

We have great relationships with our customers and would be happy to show you through any of their homes.  We also have several projects under construction that we could show you. You can also look through our online Home Galleries for photos of various projects.

What is the typical cost per square foot for the houses you have built?

There really isn’t a typical cost.  Every project is unique. Our homes tend to range between $175/sq. ft. and $250/sq. ft., but it depends on the client’s desires and budget.

Is architectural design in-house or sub-contracted?

Rob has worked closely with the same designer for more than 14 years. She bases her designs on meetings she and Rob have with the customers.

Is interior design offered by your firm?

We work with several different interior designers. Their involvement depends the client’s needs/wants.

Are there typically allowances on your projects?

There are allowances on every project. On a custom home, most items are handled as allowances.
The allowances will vary, depending upon the customer’s needs and budget. Allowances on a $400,000 home will differ from those on a $1,000,000 home. 

How do you document/incorporate selections? 

Customers sign off with either Rob Miller Homes directly, or with each vendor/sub when they make their selections. The vendor/sub then sends that information to us.

What is typically not included in your construction costs (i.e. appliances, interior design, landscaping)?

The land is not included, but development of that lot often is. Other than that, it depends on what the customer wants. A lot of newly constructed homes aren’t landscaped and don’t have the driveway finished, but we will include those things if that is what the client wants. We bid according to the customers’ specifications and budget.

How do you handle changes during construction? 

When a change is proposed, we discuss with the customer what it will take to make that change in terms of cost and how it will affect the time frame of the project as a whole. The customer approves the changes via email. Updated costs for changes (change orders) are tracked at the time of each draw.

What type of contract do you usually work with? 

We use the MBA (Metropolitan Builders Association) contract.

Do you request bids from multiple subcontractors?

Yes, but we do not always bid all categories to multiple subcontractors because we have relationships with many of our subcontractors, which ensures the end product will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

How many jobs do you have going on at the same time? 

We may have as many as 4 or 5 houses under construction at the same time, but all will be at different stages.

How do you establish a start date? 

The project starts after the bid process is complete. Work will begin within 30 days of when the contract is signed, and the client has obtained financing.

How do you manage jobs once they are up and running?

Rob oversees every project, and is always accessible to his customers. In addition, each project has a project manager and a customer relations expert who works closely with the customer to coordinate selections with vendors.

How long does it take to build a home with you?

New houses usually take between 7 and 18 months to complete, again depending upon the size of the project. Remodeling projects vary widely depending on the scope of the work. Some take a month, some 6 months, or even longer.